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The Pain Continues

Another year, another cup final defeat! There was green and white on the cup, but it was the green and white of Celtic, not Hibs. However, it was nothing like last year's humiliation. This time we were beaten 0-3 by a very good Celtic team, full of

Cambridge Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE) Practice Tests

You'll see from the menu above that we've added two new areas to the blog, Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE) practice tests. If you're an advanced level student, try some of the tests: Advanced (CAE) Advanced Multiple Choice Cloze – Test 1 Advanced Multiple Choice Cloze – Test

Cabs Cup Chance – again!

Hello friends. Here I am back again to bring you up-to-date with the fortunes of Hibs since the start of 2013. In the last Hibs update at the end of 2012, I told you all how the team was starting to play badly, and that they

Today School Blog is 2 years old!

Thanks everybody for your support. We have had 100,000+ visits in total and 76,000 were made in the last year. Where do all those visitors come from? Here's a map to show the top visiting countries to our site during the last year (click on the map

New Grammar and Vocabulary Games

The teachers at Today School have been really busy creating grammar and vocabulary games so that you can have some fun while you're studying. Try some of these games: Passive Drag or Shoot Game Reported Speech Tetris Quantifiers ( much, many, few

Revision January – March 2014

Revision Time It's exam time again. Find your level below (look for your book) then click on the links to revise some of the grammar points you've done this term. face2face Elementary Here's what you need to revise:   past simple regular verbs past simple irregular verbs past simple negative past simple questions comparatives how

Sophie’s Adventures: Mexico to Brazil

Sophie’s Adventures: Mexico to Brazil PART 1 NORTH AMERICA AND CENTRAL AMERICA MEXICO In November 2009 I left my job and my home in London to go on an adventure: Mexico to Brazil. I travelled by bus from Mexico to Panama. Even though travelling by bus for many

New Songs for 2013

New Songs for 2013 Everybody enjoys listening to music so why not try using music to help you learn English? Songs are a great way to learn new vocabulary, structures and expressions. Song lyrics will stick in your mind along with the rhythms and melodies. To help

Being a Daddy – Part 2

Lucy’s First Christmas I am of the opinion that Christmas has become far too commercialized, and I get the feeling every time I see a Santa or Father Christmas in a shop window that people are being tricked in some way, as the only reason he

Hibs end of year up-date

The fortunes of Hibs since I last wrote back in November have been up and down, as usual. If you remember, we were top of the league. One week later we got beat by Dundee, the bottom team. Celtic won and went top again. Since then, we’ve

Revision October – November

Revision Time It's exam time again. Find your level below (look for your book) then click on the links to revise the major grammar points you've done this term. face2face Elementary Here's what you need to revise:   Questions and Answers Matching Question Words Have / Has Got Have Got Revision Possessive Adjectives Subject Pronouns or Possessive

Top for a week – at least!

Last weekend, both Hibs and Celtic played on Sunday, though Hibs played first. At home, at Easter Road, Hibs beat Dundee United 2-1 in a hard and difficult game. An important win. Two hours later, Celtic played St. Johnstone at home. Celtic were coming from their good

New season, new spirit

Welcome back to the obsessive world of Hibernian FC. After the disappointing 1-5 loss in the cup final to neighbours and rivals Hearts, and after just escaping relegation, it was obvious that Hibs had to change a lot of things for the new season. The team also

How to be a good student!

Here are some ideas to help you to be a great student!!! DO: :-) -arrive on time. You mustn't miss the beginning of the lesson and the homework. -pay attention to the teacher or you will be lost. -"Copy, copy, copy" what the teacher writes on the board. It

Desert Island

We asked our teachers: If you were stranded on a desert island, which three items couldn't you live without?   Ed: Seeds, shelter, and that hammock I mentioned earlier!!       Tony: My Ipod, my favourite dvds, and beans on toast.       Lily: Music, toothbrush and toothpaste (can that be one thing?), earplugs!!!       Marianne: Bella, my

Past Times

We asked our teachers: If not now, when would you like to have lived and why? Ed: A long time ago, in a slower moving world

Inspirational people

Who have been the most inspirational people of the 20th Century? [youtube] We asked our teachers: If you could meet anybody (dead or alive) who would it be and why? Ed: Jesus Christ


What would your dream future holiday be and why? We all dream of going somewhere exotic for our holidays; perhaps lying by the beach or immersing ourselves in a different culture. Here's what the Today School teachers would like to do: Ed: It would be long, so as

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