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The Pain Continues

The Pain Continues

th_hibs_logoAnother year, another cup final defeat! There was green and white on the cup, but it was the green and white of Celtic, not Hibs.

Pat Fenlon, Hibs manager (left) with Neil Lennon, Celtic manager before the final

However, it was nothing like last year’s humiliation.

This time we were beaten 0-3 by a very good Celtic team, full of excellent, experienced players, and winners of the Scottish Premier League 2012-13. The same team that beat Barça in the Champions this season.

Hibs started very well, and after only 6 minutes we had the chance of a great opening goal. Unluckily, the Celtic goalkeeper Forster made a fantastic reflex save. If it had been a goal, the game would have been completely different. But two minutes later bad defending allowed Celtic to score their first goal. The Hibs players felt it. Heads went down and the game was never the same, though they did try. At one point, Hibs played with four teenagers. There is hope for the future.

After the game, Hibs manager Pat Fenlon said, “…there is no comparison with how we felt last year. I’m bitterly disappointed that we lost a cup final, but I can’t ask any more of my players – or the supporters – today. They were tremendous.”

At the end of the match the Hibs supporters were singing and partying more than the Celtic fans were. It was a proud moment to be a Hibby even though we had lost. For many Celtic fans it was just another trophy – it’s normal for them to constantly win.

What chance did Hibs have against the only team in Scotland that has any money. The best Hibs player might earn almost £2,000 a week. The best Celtic player earns about £20,000/ £25,000 a week. Ten times more!!! It’s not possible to compete with that.

Not Hibs celebrating!

So, 111 years without winning the Scottish Cup. In that time we have lost ten finals! I can personally remember five of them!

No one said it’s easy being a Hibby.

Enjoy your summer. See you all next season!

Calum Gillies

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