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Smile As we continue our search for happiness we bring you the happiness decision tree, 10 things you didn't know about smiling and what makes Today School teachers smile. Read on and get happy. Did you know it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown? Top


Do you get it? This week we're looking at happiness. We've searched the internet for the best jokes in the world and we've asked our teachers to tell us their favourite jokes. Have a look at the jokes then have a go at our joke matching

Real-life Superheroes

Real-life Superheroes: 3 People with Incredible Abilities This week we're looking at superheroes. We've chosen three fantastic stories for you - real people with real superpowers. These guys have three very different abilities but each case is as incredible as the other. Make sure you watch


Which Superhero Are You? This week we're looking at superheroes. First, try the superhero matching game. Then have ago at the superhero maths test or read about real life Batmen and Spidermen. Finally there's a comic for the child in you. Click on the square in the corner


What Superpowers do the Today School Teachers want? Imagine Ed as Superman?  Marianne as Catwoman? We have been asking our teachers which superpower they would most like to have and why? Which do you think they chose?   Ed: "Teleportation! Without a doubt

Funny, Crazy, Entertaining Science

Science doesn't have to be boring. Look at what science brings to our lives, robots, crazy inventions, the big bang theory and a car powered by coke and mentos. Then try our science memory game. Now have a go at out science memory game. If you've enjoyed

Alien Invasion

This week it's science week on the blog. We've got Today School's top tips for meeting aliens - you can guarantee they'll come and ruin your holiday, there's a sci-fi film matching game, an alien communication device and it wouldn't be the summer without a

10 things to do this summer!

The schools have closed for summer. Are you bored yet? Below are some suggestions from our doggy friends about what to do this summer, there's also the new summer song from Simple Plan (with lyrics) and finally a summer vocabulary matching quiz. Reload the page if

Songs of the Summer

What will the song of the summer be? Our resident music expert Mark Brown gives his predictions for the best songs of the summer. Roll over the words in blue to get a definition of their meaning. Every summer the same thing happens without fail: one song

The Summer Blog Starts Here!

The summer blog starts here. If you're bored already, you can use our summer decision maker to decide what to do. Then we'll reveal the top-secret holiday activities of a few of our English teachers.  We asked our teachers

Mark’s Tour de France 2011

Our very own Mark Brown cycled to his home town in the UK from Barcelona this summer. Here's how the local newspaper in England reported his epic journey. Ashington expatriate Mark Brown defied the elements and aching muscles on route to complete a mammoth cycle ride

Travelling without moving.

Do you remember when travel was glamorous and exciting? Nowadays, it’s all about airport security, overcrowded budget airlines and taking photographs with lots of other tourists. What's the point? So this year I decided to stay closer to home. I spent some time in Russia, visited

Mark Brown’s favourite animal

My favourite animal is my pet dog called Gora. I found her abandoned in a rubbish container. She lives with me in my flat. She has got strawberry-blonde fur. Her hair is short but her tail is long and thin. She has brown eyes and she is

An Interview with Edward Croger.

Where is your unusual surname from? The name Croger is from Norway originally but I don't know anything about my family tree. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Yes, I have one sister called Sally and she is younger than me. I see her about once or

Stupid Grammar

All right, let’s just dive right into this stupid thing. Recently, a professional athlete was quoted in an article as saying I made the stupidest mistake. The athlete was talking about his personal life—his VERY personal life. (It’s hard to keep track these days, isn’t it?) The

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