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First Certificate Speaking part 4 – 15/01/2018 – TodaySchool Online Campus

First Certificate Speaking part 4 – 15/01/2018 – TodaySchool Online Campus

Hello everyone.

This is the first post of a series to allow our students and other English students to practise and improve their skills.

In this activity you will be practising the FC speaking part 4.  Watch the video where Tony will ask you a question and then reply on the comments below with your answers. (Read the instructions after the video).


Find a partner to do the exercise with.

Decide who will be student A and who will be student B.

Watch the video and answer the question. (Student A starts and student B replies to student A’s answer using vocabulary of agreeing and disagreeing).

Student A should write a comment on this post and student B should reply to that comment. (Alternatively, you can choose to record yourselves and upload an audio or video file with your answers).


Make sure you answer on the same platform as your partner. (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, or here on the blog).

Edgar Jiménez Güell

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