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FC Test – Grammar 2

FC Test – Grammar 2

Conditionals introduced with other expressions instead of IF.

1) Take a mobile _________ the car breaks down.

2) You can borrow the car __________ you promise to look after it.

3) __________ you work hard, you're going to fail the exam.

4) You can go to the party __________ you're home by 11 pm.

5) Her mum and dad will let her go to Ibiza __________ she passes all her exams.

6) _________ the internet hadn't been invented, what do you think the world would be like?

7) I'll buy some water __________ we get thirsty.

8) I wouldn't live in this part of town __________ you paid me.

9) I should arrive home on time _________ my boss makes me work late.

10) You can have a party ___________ you don't invite Terry.

Alan Giverin

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