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Humble Hibernian, Bonnie Barça – part 5

Humble Hibernian, Bonnie Barça – part 5

Back in part 1 of this little football story, I mentioned that an ex-Barça player later played for Hibs. Here’s his story.

His name is Steve Archibald, he’s Scottish. Do you know him? Ask your dad, or your grandad, they might remember him.

Steve Archibald with Barça hero Ronald Koeman

He became famous in Scotland playing for Aberdeen FC, his manager was Alex Ferguson. He was a forward, a goal scorer. At Aberdeen he scored a lot of goals with the ex-Hibs player Joe Harper.

In 1983, when Aberdeen beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (this cup doesn’t exist now, but it was very important), Archibald then played for Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs). He played for Scotland too.

He played for Barça from 1984 to 1988. I think he played about 55 games and scored 24 goals. But because of new regulations about foreign players, Archibald had problems. Barça already had two very good British players, Gary Lineker and Mark Hughes. Archibald didn’t play very much. He wasn’t as good as they were.

Later in 1988, he moved to Hibs. He played 44 games and scored 15 goals. Strangely, after a year at Hibs, he returned to Barcelona, but this time to play for RCD Espanyol! Maybe he played against Barça?! I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me?


Calum Gillies

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  • Cris

    13 juny, 2012at22:05 Respon

    Yes! I was a teenager when Archibald played with Barça. I liked him, he was a good player and best person. Thanks for the post, I’ve been reading about him and I’ve found interesting things. Do you know that Archibal still lives in Barcelona?
    I don’t know if he played againts Barça with Espanyol, but he didn’t scored for them 🙂

  • Calum

    14 juny, 2012at10:29 Respon

    Wow, I’m surprised you remember him!
    I had no idea that Archibald still lives in Barcelona. I guess he likes the city a lot! Is he still involved in the football world?

  • Cris

    15 juny, 2012at18:41 Respon

    Surprise, surprise! Look the last word of the article 😉

  • Calum

    15 juny, 2012at18:51 Respon

    Excellent Cris! That answers my question about what work Archibald does now. Thanks.

  • Cris

    18 juny, 2012at20:25 Respon

    Pleasure! I have my exam this week. Whish me good luck!! 😉

  • Calum

    19 juny, 2012at13:27 Respon

    With all your extra practice here on the blog, you won’t have any problems with the exam!
    Hope it goes well for you:)

  • Cris

    19 juny, 2012at22:50 Respon

    Oh sorry! It’s true, I write a lot! But thank you very much 🙂

  • Calum

    21 juny, 2012at20:04 Respon

    No problem. I’m happy someone liked the stories. There are still two more to post on the blog, but I have no time at the moment.
    How did your exam go? Well, I hope.

  • Cris

    22 juny, 2012at9:22 Respon

    Hello!! My exam went well! I have got a good mark and I can go to FC2 next year. Happy, happy!

  • Calum

    22 juny, 2012at16:34 Respon

    Congratulations Cris!

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