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Hibs Latest – The Good News Update!

Hibs Latest – The Good News Update!

Calum Gillies

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  • Cris

    27 abril, 2012at20:34 Respon

    Congratulations! And good luck with the final! By the way, do you know that there are a book shop called Hibernian here in Barcelona?
    Best wishes

  • Calum

    30 abril, 2012at18:33 Respon

    Hi, thank’s for the good wishes, and the same good luck to you in your final, especially after last week, which was not a good week for Barça 🙁
    I know about the bookshop, in Gracia. I occasionally buy things there. Many centuries ago, Ireland was called ‘Hibernian’, and my team was started by Irish immigrants, and that’s why we have our name and colours.
    Make sure you read the Hibs v Barça story!

  • Cris

    2 maig, 2012at20:12 Respon

    Yes! I’ve read it! And I’m waiting for the final of the story. What will be happen? 🙂

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