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Hibernian 1 – Hearts 5

Hibernian 1 – Hearts 5

This time there are no photos, videos or songs.

We lost the Scottish Cup final, and we lost badly. It could hardly be worse.

We lost two early goals. Our defence was a comedy. We lost a penalty (that wasn’t a penalty) and had a player sent off at the start of the second half. Three minutes later they scored again. It was a humiliation!

You’re supposed to take something positive from defeat, but there’s nothing to take from this.

We were slow, and really bad in defence.

The first 5 minutes of the second half killed us.

We were never in the game.

There were lots of possible results before the game, but once it was in play, we didn’t play. We could only lose. Bad. There are different versions of Hibs, this was one of the worst of them.

Next season, we’ll hopefully see a difference. It can hardly be worse.

Calum Gillies

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  • Cris

    22 maig, 2012at22:56 Respon

    Ooohh, come on!! You have got the final! Yes, they lost, but it’s better than see the final on TV, isn’t it? Everybody can have a bad day! 😉

  • SImon

    30 maig, 2012at9:25 Respon

    I understand your passion for sport but thing can always be worse and losing a cup final is the other half of winning a cup final. Come to the Gotics 7s rugby party this Sunday. That’ll cheer you up !!

  • Calum

    31 maig, 2012at18:39 Respon

    Thanks for the comments and support – very kind.
    Unfortunately Cris, I did see the final on the TV, but I think it would have been worse if I had been there. I didn’t go because it was impossible to get a ticket.
    Anyway, congratulations on Barça winning the cup! I hope you were happy. It wasn’t an amazing game, but a good end to Guardiola’s time as manager. I also felt sorry for the Athletic fans. Maybe the next time for them too.
    So, what are we going to do now with no football to watch – start watching rugby?!

  • Cris

    1 juny, 2012at21:33 Respon

    I’ve never seen a rugby match. Is it funny? 😛

  • Calum

    6 juny, 2012at17:05 Respon

    Rugby can be fun to watch, especially when it’s a big international game, but for me, football is much more exciting.
    Simon is a massive rugby fan, but if you ask him this week if it is fun, I’m not sure what his answer will be… Last weekend he was playing rugby and dislocated his shoulder! Ouch!
    That doesn’t sound like fun to me!

  • Cris

    6 juny, 2012at21:27 Respon

    My problem (or not) is that in Six Nations Championship there are six nations and I love five of them! I don’t mind who wins and I’m always happy. But playing rugby is for very brave people! Probably is better wait for the 3th time, isn’t it?
    I hope Simon gets better son (the phrase is in my student’s book 😉 ) and hope read you soon!

  • Calum

    7 juny, 2012at13:14 Respon

    Which nation do you not like?
    I’ll tell Simon your message, thanks.
    I’ll also try and continue the Hibs/ Barça story very soon!

  • Cris

    8 juny, 2012at23:00 Respon

    I love England, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales (notice the alphabetic order because I can’t choose which I prefer!)

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