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FC test – general 3

FC test – general 3

1) If I _______ Alan's iPad, he'll be really angry.

2) The _______ on our Caribbean cruise were fantastic.

3) I always do my _______ such as cleaning and tidying on a Saturday.

4) Now that smoking in bars has been banned, it's a common _______ to see people smoking outside them.

5) Sue is really upset because she can't _______ John and Alison's wedding reception.

6) Jack's cough is so bad that I think he might need a/an _________ for antibiotics.

7) All the top soap stars turned up for the TV awards _________.

8) This jacket is my favourite item of _______.

9) Modern day _______ is dependent on the computer.

10) My boyfriend _______ 250 euros per week working in a bar.


Alan Giverin

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