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English Teachers’ Favourite Films

English Teachers’ Favourite Films

We asked our teachers:

What is your favourite film?


I like a lot of films, but I especially like both “Back to the Future” films and also “Heat” with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.



The Sound of Music

My mother used to take me to the cinema once a week during the summer holidays. However, she fell in love with this film and took me to see it every week of my summer holidays in 1966 eight times! So now, it has a very special significance for me.



Really hard to answer this…ummmm… it used to be the musical ‘Annie’ when I was a kid!!! Now I´d probably say either ‘American History X’ or the first film in the Godfather trilogy.



I love all the Harry Potter movies, mainly because they always came out on or near my birthday and I loved all the books!!! They´re fun and easy to follow plus they´re full of magic!




Impossible question. As you may all know or should know I was born on Jupiter so… I admit it, I’m a bit freaky.  I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate.. any film that has spaceships and loads of intergalactic battles and aliens. They make me feel at home.




I don’t have one in particular but a few I really like are: Shawshank Redemption, Good Will Hunting, The Godfather and The Lord of the Rings.




La vida secreta de las palabras , directed by Isobel Coxet.


This is a tough question. I’ll have to give a boring answer and say Star Wars (any of the original 3).  I watch them all again at least once a year.  I’d love a light saber.


That’s a difficult one. Probably that children’s film Swiss Family Robinson, where the family live in a tree-house on a desert island. 

Edgar Jiménez Güell

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  • janet

    27 agost, 2012 at 20:47 Respon

    Even after seeing Prometheus; I still LOVE science fiction pictures.

  • Alguer

    7 desembre, 2012 at 17:07 Respon

    My favourite film is Harry Potter. I like the science fiction films, too.

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