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Barcelona versus Madrid

Barcelona versus Madrid

This week on the summer blog we’re looking at Barcelona. So lets start with the most important question; which city is better Barcelona or Madrid? Here’s an infographic that makes it all clear.


Alan Giverin

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  • janet

    13 agost, 2012at9:37 Respon

    What about London vs Edinburgh? – for example!!!:)

  • tania

    13 agost, 2012at11:20 Respon

    I think Barcelona is better, because in summer you can go to the beach and you can not go to Madrid and Barcelona because I like more.

  • Cris

    18 agost, 2012at22:58 Respon

    Oh, yes! This infographic is absolutely convincing! I think I’m going to live to Madrid tomorrow morning. Or not…
    I agree with Janet. We know that Barcelona is better than Madrid but, please, can you speak us about London and Edinburgh?
    If I want go there on holiday or to work, which do you recommend me? Thank you

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