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FC Test – Grammar 5

FC Test – Grammar 5


1) Mary is very organised. She _______________ her room before she leaves for work.

2) Ed _______________ things. He's really careless.

3) That perfume ____________ really nice. What is it?

4) Mr. Smith ____________ to Los Angeles. He'll be back next week.

5) Lilly _____________ hard all day so she was too tired to go to the gym.

6) He can't leave the office until he ____________ writing that urgent report.

7) _________________ to the supermarket? I need some milk.

8) I imagine Chris __________ by the time we get to her house.

9) We _______________ our car hire before we arrived in Florida.

10) There are dirty dishes all over Mary's kitchen. She _____________.

Alan Giverin

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