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Revision January – March 2019

Revision January – March 2019

Revision Time

It’s exam time again. Find your level below (look for your book) then click on the links to revise some of the grammar points you’ve done this term.

face2faceface2face Elementary

Here’s what you need to revise:



was(n’t) or were(n’t)

past simple regular verbs

past simple irregular verbs

past simple negative

past simple questions

there is(n’t) or there are(n’t)

how much or how many


some, any or a

present simple revision

present continuous positive

present continuous negative

present continuous questions

present simple or present continuous


English File Pre-intermediate bookNew English File Pre-Intermediate

Here’s your revision:



must/mustn’t + have to / don’t have to

should or shouldn’t

gerund or infinitive

as + adj/adv….as – for comparison

first conditional



comparatives or superlatives

comparative adjectives and adverbs




English File Intermediate cover

New English File Intermediate

Here’s some of the grammar revision you need:


modals – must, have to

modals – should

past simple, past continuous or past perfect

used to


modals of deduction

first conditional

second conditional

first or second conditional

future time clauses

first conditional with unless



New English File Upper Intermediate

Here’s some revision for you:


future time clauses

zero or first conditional

first or second conditional

second or third conditional

third conditional with continuous tenses

gerund or infinitive (1)

gerund or infinitive (2)

gerund or infinitive (3)

wish and if only

wish and if only quiz

usually, used to, be used to, get used to

Alan Giverin

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