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Revision April – June 2019

Revision April – June 2019

Revision Time

It’s exam time soon. Find your level below (look for your book) then click on the links to revise some of the grammar points you’ve done this term.

face2faceface2face Elementary

Here’s what you need to revise:



Be + Going to

Present Perfect Positive

Present Perfect Negative

Present Perfect Questions

Present Perfect versus Past Simple (1)

Present Perfect versus Past Simple (2)



Adjectives or Adverbs

Should / Shouldn’t

Gerund or Infinitive

Like, Look or Be


ef preNew English File Pre-Intermediate

Here’s your revision:


Present Perfect v Past Simple 1

Present Perfect v Past Simple 2

Present Perfect + For or Since

Used to

Present Simple Passive

Past Simple Passive

Present Simple Passive or Past simple Passive (1)

Present Simple Passive or Past Simple Passive (2)

Second Conditional

First or Second Conditional

So do I, neither do I etc…..inversions

Reported Speech Statements (3A)

Reported Speech Questions (3A)

Past Simple or Past Perfect



ef intNew English File Intermediate

Here’s some of the grammar revision you need:


Gerunds and Infinitives (1)

Gerunds and Infinitives (2)

Indirect Questions (1)

Indirect Questions (2)

Question Tags

Third Conditional (1)

Third Conditional (2)

Reported Speech Statements

Reported Speech Questions, Imperatives and Requests 

Relative Clauses



new-english-file-upper-intermediate-students-book-73172New English File Upper Intermediate

Here’s some revision for you:


Modals in the Past (5A)

Modals of Deduction 5A

Modals in the Past Extra Practice / Revision

Active to Passive (5A)

Passive (5A)

Reporting Verbs


The Causative – have something done

Clauses of contrast and purpose (1)

Clauses of contrast and purpose (2)


As or Like 


Alan Giverin

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