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FC test – phrasal verbs 2

FC test – phrasal verbs 2

1) Unless we can ___________ with a solution by tomorrow, we're in real trouble.

2) I can't __________ having guitar lessons because they're too expensive.

3) If we want to be there by seven o'clock, we should _________ soon.

4) Do you think you could __________ this survey about the school? It'll only take a few minutes.

5) George has really __________ at school this year and his exam results are much better than last year.

6) The match had to be __________ because of the bad weather.

7) Our electricity was __________ because we didn't pay the bill.

8) I ____________ a lot of weight while I was on holiday.

9) Your oral exam is going to be difficult. You've got to __________ practising with your partner.

10) I'm going to take the car today so I'll __________ the children after school today.

Alan Giverin

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