FC test – phrasal verbs 1

FC test – phrasal verbs 1

1) Sorry we're late. The car __________ on the way here.

2) There must have been a football match last night as none of my students ___________ to class.

3) I asked one of my colleagues to ________ the photocopies at the meeting.

4) I'm really ___________ the summer holidays.

5) Can we ________ tomorrow's meeting until next week. I'm really busy at the moment.

6) You need to go to the supermarket. You've nearly __________ coffee.

7) I've _________ enough money to buy a new car.

8) My boyfriend's Catalan isn't very good but he can ________.

9) The local council is going to __________ that ugly old building.

10) My father is so tall he always ________ in a crowd.

Alan Giverin

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