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FC test – word families 2

FC test – word families 2

1) Industrial __________ has fallen because of the crisis.

2) One of the things we didn't like about Los Angeles was the level of __________.

3) John wasn't suitable for the job because of his lack of ___________.

4) Since we've moved into our new house the __________ have been very kind.

5) The positive reaction to my novel has been __________.

6) __________ is one of the biggest problems for the unemployed.

7) My ____________ was extremely happy.

8) Even the art expert couldn't tell the __________ between the real picture and the fake.

9) The building inspector told us that the old roof needed to be __________ or it might collapse.

10) Our local greengrocer always has a wide ___________ of fruit and vegetables.

Alan Giverin

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