FC test – general 2

FC test – general 2

1) She complained about a ______ in her right knee.

2) Paul is looking for a/an ______ at the moment.

3) Ed ______ eating the last piece of birthday cake, even though everybody knew he had.

4) I was so interested in the TV programme that I didn't ________ my girlfriend come home.

5) Our flight _______ Lisbon at 20.00 pm.

6) My sister and I have ______ characters but are very different physically.

7) My dad won't _______ me use his computer.

8) That red shirt really doesn't _______ your green jacket.

9) I _________ you bring lunch tomorrow because there won't be time to go out to eat.

10) The flights were very cheap. They were a real _______.

Alan Giverin

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