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Report on free-time facilities in my area.

The of this report is to outline what young people do in my area in their free time, what facilities exist for them and how these could made better.
Free-time activities
My town, East Croydon, is quite small so it does not have a cinema or theatre and there is only one club for young people. a result, young people have to take the train or bus to London, which is about 30 kilometres away if they want these things. the other hand, it is situated by the sea, so, many young people spend their free time on the beach or doing water sports.
Other facilities
East Croydon has a sports centre with tennis courts, a football pitch and a swimming pool. There also a number of cafés where young people normally go to meet other and spend their free time.
Conclusion and Recommendations
I recommend that the town council :
  • set a youth club where young people could meet.
  • give free bus passes within the town to make travelling easier.
  • provide free sports facilties encourage young people to stay in the town at weekends and improve social life.