Informal Letter - A friend is coming to visit.

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Hi Anne,

Thanks for your email, it was great to from you. I'm really glad you're coming over! I've got plenty of tips for you!

First of , I recommend coming in September because it's still warm, but not hot. There's also a festival here then well, so there'll be plenty of things to see and do! What's , Barcelona always fills up with young people during the festival, so If I you, I'd stay in a hostel and go to concerts every night to meet people our age.

In terms of clothes, I think you bring shorts and t-shirts for the daytime, good trainers for walking round the city and a jacket for the evening case it gets chilly.

Finally, thanks your invitation. I'd love to come, so long I don't have too many essays to write for university!

Can't wait to see you.