Dog Saves Owner By Calling 911

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A Scottish man is alive today, thanks to a phone call made to 999 his 18-month old German shepherd, Buddy. It all happened last Wednesday, when Joe Stalnaker, lives alone, collapsed. In a few seconds, Buddy dialled 999 and barked into the phone in response to the emergency operator's query about the caller needing assistance.

the police arrived, they found Buddy barking loudly next to Joe, who had a seizure. After spending two days hospital, Joe is back home recuperating.

While Buddy is a smart dog, he has also trained to do this he was 8-weeks old. Joe adopted him from Paws with a Cause, helped train Buddy to pick up the phone and dial 999. The phone is specially programmed that Buddy's teeth hit the buttons neccessary to make contact with the operator.