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Last weekend, thousands of people in two different of the world witnessed the same historic event. The opening of the Titan Arum, commonly known the 'Corpse' flower, thanks to its strong smell that is like rotting meat.

The almost simultaneous bloomings that occurred in Switzerland and Ohio, also watched by thousands of people all the world, thanks to the live webcams that recorded every second of the historic events.

The reason for all this excitement is that this endangered exotic-looking flower, opens only every ten years - and the one in Switzerland took even longer, blooming after 75 years. , when it does open the stench it lets out is bad, that is has earned the title of the 'World's Stinkiest Flower'. Luckily, it stays in bloom only about two to three days.

As with every thing in nature, there is a good reason for the strong smell. It's meant to attract insects in to help pollination. Flies, beetles and wasps, attracted to the stench and crawl into the flower. Once inside, they get trapped to the sticky pollen. As as that happens the flowers dies, allowing the insects to escape with the pollen stuck onto their bodies.