From New York To Los Angeles - In A Yellow Cab!

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Two New Yorkers accomplished a challenge that most people would have considered impossible - convince a Yellow Cab driver to take cross-country from the Big Apple to Los Angeles.

trip started as a crazy idea that New Jersey resident John Belitsky, up with at his pal, Dan Wuebben's birthday party. After convincing Dan to go along with on the approximately 3,000-mile bi-coastal trip, they started looking a yellow cab driver, crazy enough to agree to .

While this may sound easy, in a city drivers refuse to go from Brookyln to Queens , this was an enormous task. In fact John's father, a retired cab driver was convinced that would agree - John of course took that as a challenge!

After being turned by a number of cab drivers the two met Mohammed Alam, an immigrant from Bangladesh at La Guardia Airport, who was intrigued by the idea. In fact, he agreed to do it for $5,000, a big discount on the $17,000 it would have cost had the meter running.