Tense Review - Complete the sentences with the correct verb form, Present or Past / Simple or Continuous.
1. My sister's a musician. She the guitar in a rock band. (play)
2. Where you on holiday last year? (go)
3. They the film because it wasn't interesting. (not like)
4. We saw Lucy when she for the bus. (wait)
5. My dad to work every day. (not drive)
6. I can't watch TV now. I my homework. (do)
7. A: Why you ? (sing)
B: Because I'm very happy today!
8. A: Where your mum ? (work)
B: In a school. She's a teacher.
9. Jane a new dress yesterday. (buy)
10. A: What you at 9 o'clock this morning? (do)
B: I was in class.