Complete the questions based on the answers in 'A'.
1. A: Karen lives in Bristol.
B: Can you tell me ?
2. A: I'm thinking about next weekend.
B: What thinking ?
3. A: John works at the post office.
B: Where ?
4. A: My parents bought it in Thailand.
B: Where it?
5. A: Yes, Tony is coming to the party.
B: Do you know ?
6. A: No, I stayed in last night.
B: out last night?
7. A: I've known him for over twenty years.
B: Peter?
8. A: John broke it.
B: that window?
9. A: The next train is at 5 o'clock.
B: Have you any idea ?
10. A: We're waiting for my sister.
B: Who ?