Put the verbs in the correct form, present perfect simple or continuous.
1. A: You look tired. B: Yes, I a lot recently. (work)
2. We (look) for a new house for ages and I think we finally (find) one!
3. What do you mean, he the report yet? (not finish) What he for the last six days? (do)
4. They Toby since he was a puppy and he still isn't house-trained. (have)
5. A: How long your brother Japanese? (learn) B: Since last October.
6. A: How long you Philip? (know) B: Since school.
7. I need a break. I for five hours. (study)
8. I don't believe it! It all day, when is it going to stop? (rain)
9. David (save) for a long time to buy a new motorbike, but he still enough. (not save)
10. Sandra never to London before, so she's really excited about next weekend. (be)