Put the verbs in the correct form, present perfect simple or present perfect continuous.
1. A: I (read) a great book recently. When I finish it, I'll lend it to you if you like.
B: Oh, thanks very much.
2. We (drive) for hours. I think we need to stop and rest.
3. A: How long you Carol? (see)
B: We out for three months now. (go)
4. Susan is completely exhausted. She (shop) in the sales, and she (buy) a lot of things.
5. I that film six times. It's brilliant. (see)
6. A: How long you your car, Dave? (have)
B: For about five years, I think.
7. A: Angela, you ? (cry)
B: Yes. Tom and I all week. (argue)
8. A: How many exams your daughter this week? (have)
B: Five this week. But actually, she exams since the beginning of the month, poor thing. (do)
9. A: Paul, you (decorate) your house for nearly two months now. you yet? (not finish)
B: Well, I (do) most of it, but I (work) on the bathroom for the last ten days and I still it. (not complete)
10. This is the first time I (be) to Canada, but it definitely won't be the last.