Put the verbs in the correct form, past simple, past continuous or past perfect simple.
1. A: What you at 9 o'clock this morning? B: I was in bed. (do)
2. I John at the cinema yesterday. (see)
3. Susan was preparing lunch when Simon . (arrive)
4. Mum was annoyed when I got back from the supermarket because I to buy the spaghetti. (forget)
5. When I got home I was so tired I straight to bed. (go)
6. They were lost. They the wrong road. (take)
7. When the teacher entered the classroom, all the students . (talk)
8. David couldn't unlock the door because he his key in his office. (leave)
9. When Sheila arrived, the restaurant was empty. Everyone home. (go)
10. Paula to work when it started to rain. She got soaked. (cycle)