Fill in all the gaps with the past simple of the verb in brackets. Press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter. You will lose points if you use hints!
1. My friends in the park yesterday. (not be)
2. Barça against Manchester United last Wednesday. (play)
3. I the window. (not open)
4. John and Jane in Madrid last weekend. (be)
5. You a new washing machine yesterday. (buy)
6. Last week she to the disco. (go)
7. Her friend to the disco. (not go)
8. The policeman the boy into the house. (carry)
9. The dog its dinner. (not eat)
10. Yesterday, I two big hamburgers! (eat)
11. Ian at the beach all day yesterday. (be)
12. I dinner last night. (cook)
13. Paul at the party. (not dance)
14. My sister a marathon last weekend. (run)