Complete the sentences with the correct form of the comparative or superlative adjective or adverb or structure.
1. That was delicious! meal I've eaten in ages. (good)
2. Jane is me. We're both the same height. (tall)
3. Dr. Jones lives in house on the street. (big)
4. That was quite a good game. We didn't play last week, which was a complete disaster! (badly)
5. Mum, you know you drive much dad. He's a terrible driver! (carefully)
6. This is car we have, sir. You won't find a better bargain. (expensive)
7. I think Lucy is student in the class. (intelligent)
8. My sister is 3 years me. (old)
9. Of all my teachers, I think Mr. Green explains things . (clearly)
10. I think maths is English. I hate learning vocabulary. (easy)