Complete the sentences with the correct auxiliary verb. Pay attention to the forms of the other verbs to help you.
1. A: Diane speak German? B: Yes, she . She's quite fluent actually.
2. We went to the match, but John . He hates football.
3. A: I've got a confession to make: I can't swim. B: Oh, worry. Neither I!
4. I love getting up late on Saturday mornings. It's my favourite part of the week.
5. A: We went to Corfu last summer. B: you? What a coincidence. So we!
6. A: We've just got engaged. B: you? Well, congratulations.
7. A: It's a beautiful day, it? B: Yes, it's lovely.
8. A: You don't come from Glasgow, you? B: No, I . I'm from Edinburgh.
9. A: That was Robbie Williams who just walked past. B: it? Quick, run! Let's get his autograph.
10. A: You lie to me, would you? B: No, of course not.