Fill in all the gaps with the correct article 'the', 'an', 'a' or '-' (- means no article). Press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter. You will lose points if you use hints!
1. My cousin has just bought house in Cornwall. garden is beautiful.
2. love is more important than money.
3. I gave you money two days ago! What have you done with it?
4. Mount Everest is in Himalayas, isn't it?
5. film Star Trek 11 is on at Imax Cinema.
6. cheap DVD player I've just bought works great.
7. My boyfriend is in hospital because he had allergic reaction to peanut sauce I put on salad.
8. I completely forgot that he was allergic to peanuts.
9. I hate films with subtitles. subtitles distract my attention.
10. Lake District is in England.
11. We had such awful holiday. Gobi Desert is so scary at night!
12. Spanish people are so passionate!
13. Armstrong made first human footprint on moon.
14. In my opinion, USA is most wonderful country in world.
15. I've just had enormous breakfast. egg, piece of bacon, sausage and piece of toast!