Choose the correct quantifiers from the list for each space.
1. people like giving and receiving presents.
2. Please answer question on a separate piece of paper.
3. child has the right to a school education.
4. I loved Italy! we spoke to was very friendly.
5. Congratulations! You've answered the questions correctly!
6. of the students failed the exam. They all got the certificate.
7. my cats love sleeping. One on the sofa, the other on the bed.
8. Tuesday nor Wednesday was convenient for me, so I asked if we could hold the meeting on Thursday.
9. That was the easiest test I've ever done. There were questions that I couldn't answer.
10. That was the worst party I've ever been to. They didn't play music that you could dance to.
11. You can wash the dishes or clean the bathroom, but you need to help with the housework.