Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number. Use the word stem at the end of the clue to form a word that fits in the space, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter.
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 19       20                


1. My husband must look very _________ because every time he goes through Customs he's asked to open his suitcase. suspect
6. To survive these days, a company has to be very _________ . compete
8. Goodbye. It's been a __________ knowing you. please
11. In Judo, technique is more important than _________ . strong
12. He is such a ________ driver that he is bound to have an accident soon. care
14. There are three main ________ parties in Britain. politics
16. Van Gogh was her favourite _________ . art
17. Christopher Columbus is credited with the _______ of America in 1492. discover
18. What is the _______ of the river? wide
20. Be careful, James! Microscopes are very ________ instruments. sense
21. Is there any ________ of seeing Ms Parker on Friday? possible
22. The team were very ________ when they lost 3 - 0 in the final of the European Cup. disappoint


2. We had to send the machine back because it was not ________ for our purpose. suit
3. The Beatles were the most ________ pop group in the 60s. success
4. Does anyone know the ________ of the Empire State Building? high
5. Scotland is well-known for the ________ of its scenery. beautiful
6. In ________ to many countries, the population of Australia is very small. compare
7. There was a large _______ on the front page of "The Times" saying PRIME MINISTER TO RESIGN head
9. Shall we go out or stay in tonight? It's your _______ . I'll do whatever you want to do. decide
10. Have you seen Tina's new boyfriend? He's very _________ . attract
12. They say that ________ killed the cat. curious
13. They still haven't found a ________ to the problem. solve
15. Have you had an ________ to Tom's eighteenth birthday party? invite
19. Although he had live in Britain for over 20 years, he was still very ________ of the fact that he was born in Chile. pride