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6            7       
   11    12            


1. You use this to cool the house when it's hot outside. 3,12
3. This is made of wood or metal to separate the garden from the street. 5
4. The part of a building that is on the same level as the street. 6,5
6. An antenna that receives television signals. 2,6
8. A space below the roof of a house. 5
9. The highest level of a building. 3,5
10. The "door" to a garden. 4
11. The area in front or behind a house where people grow flowers. 6


2. This is used to make a house warmer when it is cold outside. 7,7
5. Steps which we can walk up or down to go to different levels in a building. 6
7. A building next to a house where we can park a car. 6
12. The top part of a house that covers it and stops rain coming in. 4