Superstar DJ

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Are you one of those people gets excited about a new hobby, starts a class, then loses interest after a couple of weeks and quits? Well, so was I until I found a hobby I just can’t get bored .

First of , I tried karate, then juggling and finally skateboarding before I found the hobby that was for me. A friend suggested trying something that I was already keen . I had always loved electronic music, so I decided to take deejaying.

It was tricky at first, and it took me a year to the hang of it it, but I had great fun practising as I was listening to my favourite music the time! Now, I love being able play at my friends’ parties - it’s fantastic to watch people dance to the songs I play. What's , I’ve even earned some money from it by playing in bars and clubs!

I’d definitely recommend deejaying as a hobby as in my opinion it’s of the most enjoyable, cool and rewarding hobbies anyone could have.