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First Certificate Word Formation

Click on any of the links below for extra practice with word formation:       Word Formation 1 Word Formation 2 Word Formation 3 Word Formation 4 Word Formation 5

First Certificate Sentence Transformations

Click on any of the links below for extra practice with sentence transformations:           Sentence Transformations 1 Sentence Transformations 2 Sentence Transformations 3 Sentence Transformations 4 Sentence Transformations 5 Sentence Transformations 6 Sentence Transformations 7 Sentence Transformations 8 Sentence Transformations 9 Sentence Transformations 10

Advanced Glogster

Lots of our CAE and Proficiency students have been feeling left out on the blog. So here's your blog/glog page. Let us know what you think. Click on the image to go to your glogster.

Verb + Noun – matching game

Match verbs with nouns/noun phrases. Click on the start button to begin the game. Match a verb on the left with a noun or noun phrase on the right. Continue playing until you've matched all the sentences on the first game then go on to the

Present simple passive – drag or shoot game

Check you know the grammar for the present simple passive. Click on the start button to begin the game. Complete the sentence at the top by dragging and dropping the missing words into place or be more adventurous and try the shooting option. Then click on

Already / Yet – tetris game

Rearrange the words in these sentences and questions AND play tetris! What more could you want? Click on the GO button to begin the game. Use the arrow buttons to move your tetris blocks into place. When you have placed 4 tetris blocks you'll be given

Future Tenses – Extra Practice / Revision

Do you need extra practice with the future forms? Click on the links below to practice and revise them. Be + Going to Future Future Simple - Will/Won't Future Continuous or Future Perfect Future Perfect Simple or Continuous

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