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Humble Hibernian, Breathtaking Barça – Part 1

Hey. I’m Calum, I work in Sants. I’m from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. It's a lovely city, in a lovely country. The people are very friendly, but the weather is very bad. The football is very bad too! There are two bad teams in

The Fonix

Maria Riu started at the Today School in Sants in 2005, doing the First Teens level (1T). Since then, she has jumped three levels, and is now in Proficiency. She has successfully done both the First Certificate and the Advanced exams, and now she is

Giant Paper Airplane Soars Over Arizona Skies

Building paper airplanes and flying them is great fun. However, what would be even cooler is building the world’s largest one and taking it to the skies to see how long it could stay in the air. That, is exactly what a 12-year old and

Extra Revision and Fun for 3T students

Niall has produced some extra on-line grammar practice and a game for our 3T students. You can find them on the 3T Glogster or click on the individual links below: Past Simple or Present Perfect Present Perfect + for/since Articles Passive Mix

Upper Intermediate January – March Grammar Revision

Here are some of the major grammar points you've been working on this term. Click on the links and get some extra practice done before the exam! First Conditional Second Conditional Third Conditional Mixed Conditionals Conditionals sentences not using 'if' Modals in the past Future continuous or perfect Future perfect - simple and

First Certificate Word Formation

Click on any of the links below for extra practice with word formation:       Word Formation 1 Word Formation 2 Word Formation 3 Word Formation 4 Word Formation 5

First Certificate Sentence Transformations

Click on any of the links below for extra practice with sentence transformations:           Sentence Transformations 1 Sentence Transformations 2 Sentence Transformations 3 Sentence Transformations 4 Sentence Transformations 5 Sentence Transformations 6 Sentence Transformations 7 Sentence Transformations 8 Sentence Transformations 9 Sentence Transformations 10

Advanced Glogster

Lots of our CAE and Proficiency students have been feeling left out on the blog. So here's your blog/glog page. Let us know what you think. Click on the image to go to your glogster.