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FC test – general 1

FC test – general 1

1) It took us almost four hours to _________ to London.

2) The two small companies are going to _________ at the end of the year.

3) Every _________ must take a drugs test before the race.

4) He was so tired that he fell ________ during the lecture.

5) I didn't have time to read the newspaper but I had a quick ________ at the headlines.

6) He tried to ________ her some advice but she wouldn't listen.

7) Have you ________ out the invitations to the party yet?

8) I wonder if you could ________ me a favour and carry this box for me.

9) Life in a big city is more stressful than the country. ________ it can also be expensive.

10) Guess who I _______ into in the supermarket today?

Alan Giverin

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